urvinė hiena statusas T sritis zoologija | vardynas taksono rangas rūšis atitikmenys: lot. Proteles cristatus angl. aardwolf; earth wolf vok. Erdwolf rus. земляной волк pranc. loup fouisseur ryšiai: platesnis terminasurvinės hienos

Žinduolių pavadinimų žodynas. - Ekologijos inst. l-kla. . 2002.

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  • aardwolf — [ärd′woolf΄] n. pl. aardwolves [ärd′woolvz΄] [Afrik, earth wolf] a nocturnal S African carnivore (Proteles cristatus) of the same family as the hyena, that feeds chiefly on termites and insect larvae …   English World dictionary

  • Aardwolf — taxobox name = Aardwolf fossil range = Pleistocene Recent status = LR/lc | status system = IUCN2.3 status ref = IUCN2006|assessors=Hyaena Specialist Group|year=1996|id=18372|title=Proteles cristatus|downloaded=12 May 2006] image width = 300px… …   Wikipedia

  • aardwolf — /ahrd woolf /, n., pl. aardwolves. a striped, hyenalike mammal, Proteles cristatus, of southern and eastern Africa, that feeds chiefly on insects. [1825 35; < Afrik erdwolf < D aardwolf, equiv. to aarde EARTH + wolf WOLF] * * * ▪ mammal… …   Universalium

  • aardwolf — aard•wolf [[t]ˈɑrdˌwʊlf[/t]] n. pl. wolves mam a shaggy, striped African carnivore, Proteles cristatus, related to the hyena, that subsists largely on termites and insect larvae • Etymology: 1825–35; < Afrik erdwolf < D aardwolf=aarde… …   From formal English to slang

  • Aardwolf (CIA report) — Aardwolf is a nickname used for a CIA station chief s formal assessment of conditions in their country.Two aardwolves are described in State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration by James Risen (2006). These aardwolves …   Wikipedia

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  • Aardwolf (disambiguation) — The Aardwolf is a mammal in the hyena family. The term can also refer to:*Aardwolf (CIA report), a report about a country s status. * [http://www.aardwolf.com/ Aardwolf MUD] , a multi user text based game on the Internet. *Aardwolf (comics), a… …   Wikipedia

  • aardwolf — noun (plural aardwolves) Etymology: Afrikaans, from aard + wolf Date: 1833 a maned striped nocturnal mammal (Proteles cristatus) of southern and eastern Africa that resembles the related hyenas and feeds chiefly on insects and especially termites …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • aardwolf — noun The insectivorous mammal species Proteles cristatus, of South Africa, related to and resembling the hyena and having an erectile crest. See Also: aardvark …   Wiktionary

  • aardwolf — South African carnivorous fox like quadruped Unusual Animals …   Phrontistery dictionary

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